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Can Men Get Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are experienced differently by each person. They can last from a few minutes to an hour. You can get it often, or you can get it occasionally. You may feel a “burning sensation” or break into a cold sweat.

Some men wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. These hot flashes that occur at night are called “night sweats” and can lead to poor sleep. Read our entire section about Men’s Health to understand more about how Men can overcome treatment for Hot Flashes. We offer Hot Flash studies in Peoria, AZ.

Not all men experience hot flashes. We have found that they disturb about 20% of their clients before treatment.

Low Testosterone and Hot Flashes

Hot flashes occur because the hypothalamus, which controls body temperature, sends the wrong signals. Specifically, it thinks the body is overheating when it isn’t. What causes these false signals? Low testosterone in general.


Stress can be another trigger. When stressed, our bodies release excess cortisol, and cortisol can trigger hot flashes.

Treatment for Hot Flashes in Men

The hot flash solution is simple. balanced hormones. Restoring healthy testosterone levels eliminates testosterone levels in virtually everyone. And they disappear quickly – usually he within two weeks. No more sweating, no more discomfort, and a better night’s sleep.

Hot Flashes Studies In Peoria, AZ and Flint, MI

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