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Current Trials

We educate people interested in learning about clinical trials online and in person. We make clinical research possible for clinicians in all types of healthcare settings. By bringing site and participant perspectives to the forefront, we assist sponsors and CROs build better procedures and conduct effective trials.

Help others by joining a clinical trial.
See how you can help.

By joining a clinical trial, you can help scientists research potentially life-changing medications, vaccines, medical devices, and more.

Get Paid to Participate

Most studies offer compensation or payment for your time and travel. Contact us to see what to expect for your first clinical trial. 

Help Scientific Research

Clinical trials offer a way for almost anyone — regardless of their background — to help improve human health and wellbeing.

Learn about New Medicines

Clinical trials offer more care options for patients suffering from common, unique, and rare health conditions.

Educating participants on clinical trials and providing research as a care option.

We assist participants find better solutions for their health and the health of others by offering clinical research as a treatment option. You can participate in research while being reimbursed for your time and travel, whether you’re pushing medical improvements, acquiring cutting-edge therapies, or helping people for the greater good.

Providing clinicians with the ability to perform clinical research around the clock and the world.

We make it simple to begin a clinical trial. Our team of dedicated medical, legal, and regulatory professionals handle the backend work so you can concentrate on your participants. With the backing of a team that has been conducting studies for years, you will be able to perform clinical trials in-office or online through our network.

We collaborate with sponsors and CROs to achieve recruitment, enrollment, engagement, and retention objectives.

Explore our completely tech-enabled range of solutions to address any issue that arises throughout your trial. Find the clinical trial that’s right for you using our network of physicians, CROs, and experts.

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Learn More with Onyx Clinical Research

We’ve recently opened up a new location in the Peoria, AZ area and are actively looking for patients to engage in clinical Trial research.  Watch this YouTube video below to understand how Onyx Clinical works with Patients. 

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