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DCT (Decentralized Clinical Trials)

Our Decentralized Clinical trial Solution works effectively by incorporating the voice of the patient, integrating technologies, selecting an optimal delivery strategy and using the right data. For this to achieve, our EDC includes ePRO/eCOA, eConsent, DDC, and RTSM.

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EDC (Electronic Data Capture System)

Our unique EDC system maximizes productivity by easily capturing, processing and integrating data from other platforms thereby minimizing human errors. User friendly system helps reduce time spent on building and managing studies. From single site to multiple sites studies, Onyx EDC’s user-friendly form builder, advanced user management and workflow will streamline your data capture for all your clinical trials.

ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes)

Our web-based ePRO solution makes it easier for your patients to report how they are feeling. And get this – it works on any device, anywhere. Whether your patients use it on their home iPad, or your staff access it on a clinical tablet, you can always count on timely and reliable data.

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eConsent (Electronic Consent)

People find consent forms tedious to read and full of complex legal language. As a result, participants are less likely to grasp what is fully expected of them and more likely to drop out later. Our electronic consent tool lets you use plain language and even incorporate video or illustrations to increase understanding and reduce patient drop-out rates.

DDC (Direct Data Capture)

Source data validation (SDV) is necessary but time-consuming. Give your sites some valuable time back by empowering them to collect data directly from the source (on or offline) and reduce SDV headaches.

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