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Current Clinical Trials - Alzheimer's Disease in Flint, MI

We are currently conducting clinical trials for Alzheimer’s at our Flint, MI Address

Onyx Clinical Research

2241 S Linden Rd, Suite D

Flint, MI 48532

Phone: (810) 715-9559

Alzheimer Clinical Trial Details:
  • $300 for each visit, Per Caregiver and Per Patient
  • At least 11 visits 
  • Visits are almost every week. Some visits can be done remotely or in person
  • Call (810) 715- 9559 to Schedule 

Clinical Trials with OCR

Being involved in clinical trials with Onyx Clinical Research, enables physicians to learn more about their area of specialty, become exposed to new medical therapies and provide additional options or alternative treatments for their patients. 

 A clinical investigator’s role is crucial in the development and advancement of drugs, therapies and medical devices. However, investigators also gain multiple advantages, including the opportunity to learn new skills, explore new challenges and engage with the patients and other healthcare providers in their community.

ONyx clinical physicians
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Becoming an Investigator with OCR

 When you partner with Onyx Clinical Research (OCR) to run clinical trials out of your private practice, we staff, source, and manage studies for you. So you can focus on your patients and on changing the future of treatment for their conditions.  Few of the many direct benefits of working with OCR include

Add a new revenue stream to your practice through OCR clinical trials.

Spend less time on the nitty gritty — OCR handles the details that eat into not just your revenue, but your time.

Become certified as a Principal Investigator on OCR studies and get your name on published research.

OCR has connected thousands of patients with clinical trial sites and new doctors for their condition.

Help advance medical research and pave the way for advances in your specialty.

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