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Current Clinical Trials - Alzheimer's Disease in Flint, MI

We are currently conducting clinical trials for Alzheimer’s at our Flint, MI Address

Onyx Clinical Research

2241 S Linden Rd, Suite D

Flint, MI 48532

Phone: (810) 715-9559

Alzheimer Clinical Trial Details:
  • $300 for each visit, Per Caregiver and Per Patient
  • At least 11 visits 
  • Visits are almost every week. Some visits can be done remotely or in person
  • Call (810) 715- 9559 to Schedule 

Why participate in clinical research?

There are many reasons to participate in clinical research. Some participants join trials to help find new medical discoveries and drive healthcare advancement. Others participate to find alternative care options for their diagnosis. Regardless of the reason, we make joining a trial safe, easy, and convenient.

Onyx Clinical Patient
patient trials

Three easy steps to get started:

Every trial is a little bit different, and that gives you the power to participate in a trial that’s right for you.

Researchers are exploring specific questions, so each trial has criteria that participants must meet to join the trial. Even if you don’t qualify for the trial you find, there may be others you can participate in.

You can apply online and our team will get in touch with you or you can call us directly at (989) 909-0995. Or you can email us at [email protected]

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Our Michigan Office

2241 S Linden Rd, Suite D

Flint, MI 48532

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Peoria, AZ 85381